Chris Hudson & Associates - June 2020


JUNE 2020

You may already know a bit about my background, but this pandemic and its fallout have hit so close to home that I want to take a few minutes to sit down and tell you my full story. It’s a rocky ride but worth it. Approximately 100,000 Americans have died because of the coronavirus. While it does sound like the curve is flattening, we continue to battle this pandemic. Reflecting on the death toll, I can’t help but think of my dad, who passed away when I was 8 years old after a two-year battle with colon cancer. Like many of the people we’ve lost this year, he was a kind, honest, hardworking man, taken before his time. The fallout from my father’s death turned me into the man and lawyer I am today. What was a tragedy for my family looked like an opportunity to our insurance company. Despite the fact that my father had taken out a life insurance policy before his cancer diagnosis, our insurance company refused to pay it, alleging his cancer was a preexisting condition. That greed forced my family into extreme poverty. It’s not an overstatement to say that I grew up with very little. My mom, who was a stay- at-home mother before my father died, did her best to put food on the table. When I turned 14, I started working, too, swimming From Golf Ball Rustler to Lawyer HOW HARDSHIP MOTIVATED ME TO WORK MY WAY UP

through murky golf course ponds to collect balls that I could clean and sell. I also worked in a local grocery store in order to afford new clothes. Because I spent all of my time and energy working, I wasn’t a great student — I probably would have been voted “least likely to succeed” in my high school if that was a thing. When I graduated, my goal was to become a grocery store manager. After high school, I spent a year doing physical labor before something clicked in my head. I realized I wanted to go to college and figure out a different plan for my life. I wasn’t thinking about becoming a lawyer, but after I graduated from the University of Georgia with my political science degree, law school at Mercer University seemed like the best next step. Ironically, after law school, I got a job working at a defense firm where a lot of our clients were insurance companies. I only lasted 10 months. I couldn’t work against injured people who reminded me of the hardworking folks I’d met back at the grocery store. It felt like I was working against my friends and neighbors, and I couldn’t stand the thought of siding with an insurance company like the one that had left my family destitute. So, I struck out on my own and started Chris Hudson & Associates here in my hometown to represent blue-collar workers and fight insurance companies. Immediately, things

felt right. My mantra was (and still is) “True success can only be achieved through hard work, embracing adversity, and accepting that it is alright to fail at times along the way.” Today, 15 years later, I’ve checked those items off the list. I’m motivated as a lawyer to help the underdog. I see insurance companies exploiting individuals by denying and delaying claims, and it’s gratifying to work against them and help people get what they deserve. Nothing feels better than delivering results to my clients, whom I consider my family. My life today feels far away from the poverty I experienced as a kid. I’m lucky enough to be married to a wonderful woman and have two beautiful daughters. I’ve even got the best dog a man could ask for and plenty of time to enjoy hunting, fishing, and gardening under the Georgia sun. Life is good, but this pandemic has been a vivid reminder of when it wasn’t and of how hard things still are for so many people. I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and well and that you’ll reach out if there’s anything I can do for you. I’ve survived hardship before, and if we work together now, I know we can survive it again.



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