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Keep Kids Healthy

much better solution is here. With Australian grass-fed gelatine and wholefood vitamin C to support gut wellbeing, Gutsy Gummies™ are a fun and nutritious alternative. All you need to do is add water – it’s easy to make and convenient snacking at its finest, and you can be confident that your kids are consuming nutrients that will love their little bodies as much as they love Gutsy Gummies.

Safeguard and improve the health of your children with nutritious superfoods that strengthen the young immune system, protect the brain and gut, and help to prevent common childhood ailments.

Do you wish your kids could eat the foods they pester you for - and for those foods to actually be good for them? Nutra Organics has done just that with their new Gutsy Gummies range. Gutsy Gummies™ is an instant natural gummy mix that is naturally delicious, nourishing and low in sugar, and comes in three mouth-watering flavours: Mango, Strawberry and Tropical. Just add water Say goodbye to store-bought gummies and lollies that are laden with refined sugar, gluten and artificial colours and flavours, a

Nutra Organics have been loud and proud about taking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Their approach to supporting the health and wellbeing of children has been praised by parents across Australia, with thousands of glowing reviews posted online and the entire original range of Superfoods for Kids (Veggie Hero, Berry Immune, Choc Whiz and Captain Calm) selling out three times over. Nutra Organics children’s range continues to deliver clean, clever, delicious and nutritious products to support and protect growing children. In addition to the new Gutsy Gummies™, you can also now find these four original superfoods in a nifty 125 g size. If you have never tried the award-winning Superfoods for Kids range, but you do want to start sneaking more nutrition into your children’s meals, these small yet mighty sizes are for you. If you’re already a fan of Superfoods for Kids, sampling the rest of the range in these handy sizes is ideal – plus, they are great travel buddies for you and your family. Super Tummy also joins the superhero gang of Nutra Organics Superfoods for Kids. Super Tummy is the no-fuss, all-in-one, natural gut health solution for children. It contains organic fibre, soothing herbs, prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Super Tummy is especially supportive for children who experience digestive discomfort, irregular bowel movements or lack fibre in their diet.


Each preparation makes 6 serves.

1. ‘Bloom’ Gutsy Gummies by adding 50 grams (1/3 cup) into 100 mL of water and stir until an even texture is achieved. 2. Add 250 mL of recently boiled, hot water to the bloomed Gutsy Gummies and stir until dissolved. 3. Pour into moulds and refrigerate for at least 2 hours to set. Eat straight from the fridge.

Get creative by adding your favourite juices or fresh fruits.


ISSUE 68 • 2023

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