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At Go Vita, we love our four-legged friends. We want them to be happy and healthy and we hate to see them in pain, so we are delighted to share these stories from our friends at K9Health, who are the makers of Curcupet-K9. This advanced concentrated turmeric supplement is produced specifically for dogs, and it significantly reduces symptoms of painful and arthritis. Whether you have an older dog or a young pup, this clinically researched product will help to maintain their joints. Free Fido from Pain Turmeric is a proven anti-inflammatory for treating arthritis in humans – but did you know it also eases arthritis in animals? Read these two heart-warming true stories.

RUSTY’S STORY "Rusty was suffering greatly from arthritis in her front legs, shoulders, and paws. The vet had been giving her injections for the pain; she had even been prescribed Tramadol, a powerful opioid pain medication, but even this did not help. Then I heard about K9Health’s Curcupet-K9, and after only one week of taking it, Rusty is getting back to enjoying life again. Thanks so much!" Slav MIYA’S STORY "Miya is a nine-year-old Rottweiler with moderately severe arthritis. She was on medication from the vet, but this caused undesirable side effects. Since taking Curcupet-K9, we have noticed a marked improvement. For example, she used to sit on her mat and watch her younger brother Bear play, but would not join in. Since taking Curcupet-K9, she is more active and wants to play with Bear." Denise Setchfield

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Dr Andrew Miller, the Galston Vet, says: “Dogs with arthritis often suffer with chronic pain, have difficulty getting up, have reduced mobility and are generally lethargic.” Does this sound like your dog? Data from recent studies demonstrates the beneficial effects of turmeric on dogs with arthritis. Will it work with your dog? We created a special two week trial pack made up for each individual dog. Tell the Go Vita staff how big your dog is. We’ll give you a 2 week supply of CurcuPet-K9 so you can see how well it works. CurcuPet-K9 has been scientifically formulated to improve joint mobility and flexibility for dogs. These small flavourless tablets are simple to conceal in food, easy to absorb and have been researched amongst dogs diagnosed with arthritis.

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ISSUE 68 • 2023

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