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While it doesn’t hit the news as often as calcium and iron, magnesium may be one of the most important minerals for good health.

Your body contains a very small amount of magnesium – less than 30 grams – but this mineral is vital for almost all body functions. Even more important is the fact that most people are likely to be deficient in magnesium because it is easily depleted in the body. For example, stress rapidly reduces magnesium levels; so do some medications, certain diseases and physical activity; if you eat a lot of processed and refined foods, you are unlikely to be obtaining sufficient magnesium from your diet. 10 top reasons to supplement

improving blood flow to the heart. While further research is needed to fully understand the extent of magnesium’s impact on heart health, its potential benefits make it a mineral worth considering for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. 2 Anxiety and stress: Magnesium deficiency may enhance stress reactions, and emotional stress, especially anxiety, has been shown to increase the body’s requirements for magnesium. Taking a supplement may be of assistance for sufferers of anxiety. 4 Blood sugar: Studies show magnesium manages insulin and carbohydrate

Magnesium is involved in energy production, nerve function, muscle relaxation and bone and tooth formation. Research shows that it is also of benefit for:

3 Asthma: Magnesium may be

Made from organic, real food ingredients. Blend into your morning smoothie, add to a shake for a post-workout protein hit, or enjoy as a nourishing snack.

metabolism; it may help your cells use insulin more effectively. It appears those who consume less magnesium have poorer blood sugar regulation.

of benefit for people with asthma because low dietary intakes of magnesium are associated with poorer lung function.

Naural Chocolate or Vanilla flavour

5 High blood pressure: Magnesium supplements may play a role in helping to reduce hypertension, or high blood pressure. Other nutritional agents which may also help are fish oil and coenzyme Q10.

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1 Heart health: Studies have suggested that magnesium may help relax blood vessels, potentially

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ISSUE 68 • 2023

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