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Investing in Non-Profit Leaders of Color



Communities Resist is a community-based legal services and advocacy organization. “We represent low-income tenant associations across Brooklyn and Queens that are facing issues of disrepair, harassment, and discrimination. We go up against the most predatory landlords across New York City to protect those who have been historically, socially, and economically deprived of legal services. “Our partnership with Robin Hood has helped us grow as an organization in so many ways. The Management Assistance team helped us to achieve a major goal of our organization: to lease our own office space for the first time. Previously, our full-time team of more than 20 was jumping around from one working space to another just trying to make ends meet. Robin Hood helped us find and secure an office in a location that is convenient for our tenants at a time when our services are most needed. “Robin Hood also helped us integrate technology into our organizing work. The COVID- 19 pandemic suspended our traditional door-to-door outreach, but with Robin Hood’s support we were able to reach more New Yorkers. Whether it was teaching seniors how to use Zoom, or making our videos and workshops available to tenants who could not attend live, Robin Hood helped us to continue our work during unforeseen changes and grow as an organization. Through the Power Fund, several colleagues and I took part in a leadership development program that helped us to keep thinking strategically about how we can help even more tenants in Brooklyn and Queens. In the four years since our founding, we were able to more than double our client base from 1,500 to 4,000 clients as a result of Power Fund investment beginning in 2021. Without Robin Hood’s support, we would not be in the continued state of growth that we are in today.”

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