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actors Grow Their Businesses and Empower Their Patients E YOU LISTENED TO OUR TO SUCCESS' PODCAST?

running a business, discussing communication, goal- setting, marketing, teamwork, vision, investment, and other topics entrepreneurs of all kinds can benefit from. They even invite other business owners and professionals onto the show and interview them about the sources to their success so that listeners can pick up tips. Dr. Davidson is an experienced podcaster, and produces a show for his clinic called the "Back Resort Podcast." He’s also a published author of more than 20 books.

By Offering These Grab-and-Go Devices! HELP YOUR PATIENTS STUFF THEIR STOCKINGS The National Retail Federation predicts that this year, Americans will spend about $730 per person on holiday gifts and treats. That’s a lot of money, and, in our experience, there’s plenty of room for chiropractors like you to cash in on a bit of it by offering people affordable, easy-to-use products that will improve the lives of their loved ones this holiday season. Marketed correctly, chiropractic devices can sell like hotcakes as stocking stuffers. Last year, one of our clients ordered more than 100 of our WalBalls — the trigger point therapy tools we featured in our September newsletter, which can be used in place of runaway tennis balls — and offered them to patients as stocking stuffers. They couldn’t keep the brightly colored, multiuse devices on the shelves! Another product that makes an ideal stocking stuffer is the Omni Massage Roller, which is basically a small massage ball in a roller cap. It’s perfect to market to couples as an effective, easy-on-the-hands replacement for shoulder massages. Even better, people in pain can load the device with topical cream, then roll it on the affected area to get relief. When they’re done, they can clean the device in a flash by running water through the hole in the bottom. The rollers come in all kinds of fun colors and are as attractive as they are effective. One client told us the story of a teacher who bought an Omni Massage Roller, loved it, and told her friends about it. Next thing the chiropractor knew, all of the teachers at the school were calling in with orders. Many of the chiropractors we work with will display one or two of these brightly colored devices in the treatment room where they can demonstrate them on patients after an adjustment or massage appointment. The display boxes are attractive on their own, but you can take your sales to the next level by bundling a WalBall and an Omni Massage Roller together in a festive drawstring bag. Patients can buy the bundle and simply drop it in a stocking — no wrapping required!

“I’ve always been very excited and enthusiastic about how products can empower patients, and how they can really help promote good home

care and self care. I think about it this way: When a patient comes in, they’re giving us their health baton for a short time. We do everything we can, but then we need to give it back to them and say, ‘This is your life, your health, your responsibility',” he says. To check out the episodes for yourself and learn the tricks that have helped other business owners succeed, visit today!

To snag an order of WalBalls and Omni Massage Rollers for your clinic before the holidays hit, call us today at 866-318-3251 or visit

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