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ELEVATING DOER- SELLERS A program specifically developed to help AEC professionals firms become more comfortable managing clients and promoting the firm and its services. Led by three industry professionals with extensive experience from the design desk to the board room, this one-of-a-kind seminar presents business development techniques proven to drive real growth and value in your AEC firm.

LEADERSHIP SKILLS FOR AEC PROFESSIONALS Zweig Group’s team of experts deliver practical solutions that technical professionals can put to work immediately to lead their firms to success. This program provides AEC professionals with the skills to become more competent leaders and helps attendees develop and affirm the leadership skills, strategies, and techniques necessary to grow personally and professionally.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR AEC PROFESSIONALS This special edition of Project Management for AEC Professionals delivers two high- impact sessions that highlight the key skills and differentiators that take good Project Managers and make them great! This typical four-week session is led by a panel of five experts backed by a ton of research on how to best train project managers to be more effective and efficient.

Group’s flagship training program encompasses all aspects of managing and leading a professional AEC service firm. Join us for this two part mini- series to help elevate your ability to lead and grow your firm. Zweig Group’s leadership team draws from our more than 30 year history working with AEC firms to teach the latest approaches to managing and operating successful firms.




and profitability, and is a driving factor in professionals leaving the industry. If leadership has not identified the importance or need for such policies on their own, it is often left to employees to sound the bell and voice their own dissatisfaction with the status quo. ❚ ❚ By providing employees with a toolkit they can easily access to advocate for changes in work-life fit programs within their firms, they will feel empowered and more likely to approach leadership and advocate for real change and investment. This group aims to provide a website (or series of web pages on Zweig Group’s ElevateHER website) for use by an individual as a “grassroots” approach to craft a pitch for leadership about adopting a la carte policies, including leave allowance, flexible work schedules, health/wellness programs, etc. Users will have access to a self-evaluation (to guide their priorities), quantitative and qualitative support data (industry case studies, employee/employer testimonials, industry statistics), solution/policy options, talking points, and a presentation template. Information will be sorted based upon firm size to provide scalable solutions for any firm. THE ELEVATORS: Alixandria Henley, Rathi Perumal, Lauren Waldron, Amy Jones (September 30, 2021, 1 p.m. CST) ❚ ❚ This group believes companies that want to thrive in the AEC industry will require a significant lift to improve the workplace (or firm culture) in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This is recognized as critically important for hiring top talent, sustaining growth, and fostering innovation. But, where can an individual or firm in the industry go to find information, resources, and tools to become more informed or gain new ideas to create an optimal workplace and corporate culture in support of DEI? If a firm wants to develop a diversity plan, enhance family leave policies, bring in a lunch and learn speaker on DEI, where do they start? Companies and individuals need support for developing these programs and becoming more educated. ❚ ❚ The Elevators are establishing a centralized location for resources – specifically a database of knowledge experts, speakers, books, articles, and podcasts on the ElevateHER website for individuals and firms to easily find. This group has partnered with Zweig Group/ElevateHER staff to design website revisions and are developing a system for organizing the information for easy access. A Google form to collect contact data from experts has been developed and broadly distributed through social media and direct outreach from the Elevators’ work group. This group has also done a “call for recommendations” for books, articles, and podcasts supporting DEI issues. Information will be categorized and searchable within the main topic areas of: ❚ ❚ Data and statistics ❚ ❚ Diversity, equity, and inclusion ❚ ❚ DBE programs ❚ ❚ Human resources ❚ ❚ Events


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