Hamilton Insurance Group - December 2018

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T he H olidays R epresent R ebirth

Find Peace in Starting Over

The holiday season has different meanings for everyone, and for me, it represents rebirth. Every day, you have the opportunity to rejuvenate your life and find joy around every corner. When you have a bad day, you can hit the reset button and start all over again, which allows you to progress beyond past challenges. We often hear that we should celebrate Christmas all year long, and the concept of rebirth is no different. We can do it every day, and I find a rebirth mindset crucial yesterday as old news. Starting the day off with baggage creates a mood that affects the rest of the day, so I wipe the slate clean and try to look for opportunities instead. Christmas is a perfect time to let go of life’s burdens. With the holidays centered on grace for others, take a moment to forgive yourself, too. Forgive yourself for mistakes, and allow yourself to be reborn. Besides rebirth, Christmas also gives me the opportunity to give to my children and my clients. My wife and I love to make Christmas a fantastic experience for our children. Every year, we have a plan and a budget, and every year we go over. It’s a challenge, but when we see the looks to living a life of happiness. When I wake up, I think of

on our children’s faces, it’s all worth it. I also love seeing my wife put her heart into creating the ultimate Christmas for our children. “ CHRISTMAS IS A PERFECT TIME TO LET GO OF LIFE’S BURDENS. WITH THE HOLIDAYS CENTERED ON GRACE FOR OTHERS, TAKE A MOMENT TO FORGIVE YOURSELF, TOO. The older I get and the more clients I work with, the more I realize how important it is to give rather than receive. Some of my clients struggle financially, and if that’s the case, I take them grocery shopping. I do it because, without my clients, I wouldn’t

–Duane Hamilton 1 770-744-1855 I hope everyone finds what Christmas means to them this holiday season. Take the time to slow down and spend time with those closest to you in the new year. The meaningfulness doesn’t need to be profound. You just need to recognize what brings you the serenity you’re looking for and then open your heart to it. have food of my own. They allow me to provide for my family, put my daughter through gymnastics, and fill my tank with gas.

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