ai:sight Annual Volume 2023

The evolution of arti fi cial intelligence

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GenAI in action, from call centers to healthcare Generative AI’s ability to automatically generate new text, image, audio and video content is jumpstarting innovations across multiple industries.



39 H ow to change the gAIme H ow a new model of real-time video ob j ect detection will change the A I game, according to F ractal senior data scientist K unal S ingh. 4 3 The secrets to a successful global capability center Mukta Arora, director and leader of Elanco discusses how GCC can deliver much more than support functions. 45 D ata, Insight and Action W e spoke with of Colgate- Palmolive to discover more about the keys to establishing a successful data-driven CPG organi z ation. Diana S childhouse

Engage seamlessly with Your audience 13 Mapping the invisible boundaries of global business Erin Meyer, professor, author, and expert in global communication patterns and business systems, breaks down her pioneering Culture Map framework — a valuable tool for international executives. 19 Technology that spea k s for itself H ow F ractal is building smart, perceptive, human- first speech technology, in harmony with the rhythm of I ndian society. 23 H ac k ing hesitancy Behavioral science can help us understand wha t drives people ’ s decisions about new vaccines – and how to increase vaccination uptake. 27 The milli - second secret to capturing consumer ’ s attention To combat ever-shortening attention spans, research by F ractal ' s CerebrA I team has revolutioni z ed the way we engage with e- commerce.



B uild better products faster

5 1 Inside Marshall Goldsmith ’ s AI legacy Business thinker is developing an A I -powered virtual version of himself - a first of its kinds pro j ect to share his knowledge and preserve his legacy for years. Marshall Goldsmith 55 D r . P et and predictive analytics for your furry friend The new A I app streamlines cancer treatment for belove d cats and dogs, providing treatment as early as possible. 5 7 D ancing to your algo - rhythm Enterprise technology pro j ects often falter when internal users don ’ t adopt the new tools. Combining design thinking with behavioral science provides a powerful framework for success. 6 1 R ise and still shine Dr. R am Charan provides insight, innovation and imagination to leaders coming to terms with rising inflation.

31 The secrets of inclusivity W e speak with leadership expert

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about fostering inclusivity i n

the workplace.



Improve operational effectiveness

37 Successfully scaling your AI initiatives Explained Tim Berryman, vice president of Decision Analytics at Georgia-Pacific LLC, shares his insights on the deployment of artificial intelligence and the sustained value it brings over time.


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