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April 2020

Entrepreneurs Go All In Taking Risks Head-On

At some point in our lives, I think we’ve all heard the saying “go for broke” at least once. The saying means “wager everything,” and it originated from Hawaiian Pidgin slang. “Go for broke”was also used as a motto for one of the most decorated U.S. military units in history: the Army’s 442nd Regimental Combat Team. But, when I hear this phrase, what really catches my attention isn’t gambling or the military. Instead, I’m reminded of what entrepreneurs will do in pursuit of their dreams. That’s what I’m celebrating this month in honor of National Go For Broke Day on April 5. Every day, I have the chance to meet people who put everything on the line as they make that first terrifying step towards starting their business. It’s a huge step to take, and it’s often a defining moment in their careers. When they start their businesses, they essentially jump into the dark without knowing exactly where they’re going to land. They could be jumping toward success, or they could also be leaping toward failure. Everyone who decides to start and grow their own business takes that risk to chase down their dreams and create something that can support them for the rest of their lives. Even in a situation where a business does not turn out exactly as planned, entrepreneurs will learn a lot just by starting their company. New entrepreneurs get so much experience in that first attempt, which can help them in the future. It’s not like you’re walking into a casino and betting it all on black. In business, even if

of a property for her business — she even used some of her retirement savings. It was a risky proposition, but because she made that choice, my client was even more committed to the business than she would have been otherwise. When people go all in like that, it really lights a fire under them and truly drives them to ensure their business is successful. It’s also the reason I get out of bed every morning. I’ve always thought of myself as being in a unique position. Not only do I have the opportunity to see these entrepreneurs come into my office with new ideas, but I also get to help them make those ideas a reality. I’m here to help them get there, and nothing beats that. I absolutely love what I do for businesses throughout Erie.

you lose, it’s going to make you better than you were before, and it will give you the knowledge you need for your next attempt. As someone who’s starting a business, I can relate to how scary it can feel to create your first business. There’s somuch that could go wrong, but what sets entrepreneurs apart is that they are willing to take that risk to pursue their dreams. To me, they’re the ones who define“go for broke.” At the end of last year, a client was referred to me by a local bank as she was finishing the final preparations for her business. She had recently moved to Erie and made a substantial purchase

“When people go all in like that, it really lights a fire under them and truly drives them to ensure their business is successful.”

This Go For Broke Day, let’s hear it for all the entrepreneurs who go all in—who go for broke.

—Adam Williams | 1

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