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Raising the bar on raising boys

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dral School for Boys!

We Know Boys DEAR FAMILIES, At Cathedral, we know boys. We know that educating boys means attending to every part of their development. As such, we are experts in understanding what helps each boy laugh, learn, collaborate, play, think, and reflect. A Cathedral education means that boys are challenged to think critically and to engage actively. Learning is not a stagnant process at Cathedral. Boys learn best when they are learning by doing, and, as a result, our classrooms, labs, rooftop field, music rooms, gym, drama space, and learning commons are lively centers of engagement and curiosity — and activity! While boys are here, their Minds, Hearts, Hands, and Voices are nurtured at every stage of their development because we believe in preparing boys not only to be successful thinkers and learners but — and perhaps more importantly — to be compassionate and caring leaders for tomorrow as well.

I look forward to sharing Cathedral with you and your family!


Kate Juergens Director of Enrollment Management

At Cathedral School for Boys, we believe we must continue to define what it means to educate and raise boys.

We devote each day to the spirited dialogue, dynamic lessons, and intentional character-building that guide each young boy to engage in the way that best fits him, while he simultaneously develops respect and empathy for the world around him.

Because Cathedral is here to raise the bar on raising boys.


Joining the Cathedral community means joining a village of families and educators equally committed to raising boys of good character.

Why a School for Boy AT Cathedral, we fully support each boy’s academic growth and character development with the goal of graduating capable and confident young men prepared to make a positive difference in the world.

Cathedral gives boys time and space to think beyond themselves.


Cathedral School for Boys is nationally recognized for the strength, rigor, and quality of the educational experience we offer. We set high academic standards for each student, and our small size allows us to support each student to meet and exceed those standards. This approach prepares our students to enter demanding secondary schools, both in the Bay Area and across the country, with confidence and success.



To become ethical, empathetic people, boys need both positive role models and deep engagement in conversations about the world around them. Cathedral presents boys with a myriad of ways to pursue their interests, live their passions, contribute constructively, and define themselves as people. Cathedral boys thrive as artists and athletes, readers and activists, and poets and mathematicians.

Why a Values-Based WE begin and conclude each week in Grace Cathedral, one of San Francisco’s greatest landmarks, gathering as a community for Chapel. We listen to one another. We learn from one another. We sing with one another. Being in Chapel reinforces the idea that being together matters. Gathering to celebrate cultural heritages, honor different religious traditions, listen to different perspectives or sing a familiar Beatles tune, Chapel exemplifies and amplifies what a values- based education is all about: respect, empathy, curiosity, responsibility. Reinforcing these values in a specific space and during a specific time like Chapel signals that our actions match our aspirations. It’s one thing to talk about meaningful values and another to see them play out. This is what makes us different.



Nurturing a truly equitable and joyful community takes commitment and courage. Our Episcopal values of inclusion, compassion, and service provide us with the foundation to help our students continuously challenge, re-examine, and give voice to their own beliefs with a deep respect for others and a sense of wonder. Cathedral boys learn to honor, affirm, and protect the dignity and worth of every person in our own community as they gain a sense of responsibility to the broader community.


Chapel gives us the time and space to think about our place in the bigger world. Regardless of how each boy approaches his own faith and spirituality, his voice is valued. We learn about the religions of the world and the enduring values that connect each of us. Boys listen, share their perspectives, and, before they graduate, deliver a Chapel Talk to the community about a life lesson they have learned. With our open-hearted approach, each boy feels a sense of belonging.

Think deeply about the things that matter.

“My love for Cathedral is not based on the many quantifiable aspects of excellent instruction that it so capably provides, but rather on those intangible qualities that always seem to matter more in love of all kinds: the way the teachers speak to my child, the way the community shapes my son’s values, and the way we sound when we sing together in Chapel.” — Shipley, Parent & Trustee

“Cathedral creates a deliberate and thoughtful path that enables each boy to rise to a higher standard of self.” — Megan, Parent

“My boys practice empathy by learning to think and reflect about what others are feeling and experiencing.” — Elizabeth, Parent & Trustee

Why a Small School?

OUR school has intentionally stayed small so that every boy can feel known and understood for who he is. We are committed to remaining small in size and large in influence.

Strong relationships build empathy, respect, and open-hearted compassion.


Our teachers approach each boy individually, identifying his strengths and opportunities for growth. Because each boy is known by the community, learning happens not only in the classroom, but also in the hallways, at recess, and on the sports fields. Whenever they have the opportunity, Cathedral alumni return to campus to visit their former teachers and the school that shaped who they are.


With programs that emphasize compassion and generosity of spirit, students form a brotherhood in which boys help each other rather than competing with one another. You see it in a wave and smile in the hallway from a sixth grader to a third grader, the pride in a little boy’s face when his “Big Brother” delivers his Chapel Talk, or when the whole school comes out for a championship soccer game.

Why Uniforms? OUR uniforms signify equity, purpose, tradition, and belonging. Boys arrive at Cathedral in the morning dressed ready to learn and be held to a higher standard. To be a Cathedral boy is to wear a Cathedral uniform.



We believe that to thrive in a diverse environment, every member of our community must experience an enduring state of belonging and feel that their voice and actions matter. When all boys dress alike, displays of socio- economic status are diminished, and boys’ sense of belonging is bolstered. This is a choice grounded in Cathedral values.

When we ask boys to dress with intention for their school day, we teach them to have respect for themselves and their schoolwork. Today’s Cathedral students wear nearly the same uniform that their predecessors wore over 60 years ago when the school was founded. While we’re not a traditional school, we’re a school with traditions.

Our Community AT Cathedral School for Boys, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to the educational experience. We are committed to fostering and supporting a community that embraces a wide variety of beliefs and perspectives.


We endeavor to make a Cathedral education accessible to families regardless of their financial circumstances. Please visit cathedralschool.net or contact Kate Juergens, Director of Enrollment Management, at juergens@ cathedralschool.net to learn more.


• Accountability With Affection: In a supportive and understanding environment, we hold our boys to high expectations and ask them to take responsibility for their choices. • Acceptance With Empathy: Inside and outside the classroom, our boys learn the importance of working to understand what others are feeling. • Connectedness With Recognition: Our boys learn to work collaboratively and to appreciate and acknowledge each other’s individual talents. We welcome all people in the many ways they may identify, including by race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, family composition, physical ability, religion, culture, and socio-economic background.

While Cathedral is a lot more than a list of numbers, those numbers can help give an overview of who we are. Cathedral School at a Glance

OUR STUDENTS: • 264 Students • 215 Families • 51% Students of Color • 36 ZIP Codes Represented • 27% of Families Receive Adjusted Tuitions STRUCTURE & CURRICULUM: • Lower School: Kindergarten – Grade 4 • Upper School: Grades 5–8 • Lower School: Self-contained Classrooms • Upper School: Classrooms by Subject • Spanish / Mandarin Instruction Begins in Lower School • Upper School Students Specialize in Spanish or Mandarin OUR FACULTY & STAFF: • 40 Faculty Members & 15 Staff Members • 36% Faculty & Staff of Color • 1:1 Ratio of Men to Women on Staff

• 7:1 Student to Teacher Ratio • 7 Years Average Faculty Tenure

GENERAL INFORMATION: • Founded in 1957 • Campus Building Constructed in 1965 and Fully Renovated 2019–2021 • Tuition is All-inclusive of Lunch, Snack, Athletics, and International Travel • Arrival: 8:00–8:15 am

• Dismissal Staggered by Grade: 2:45–3:35pm • Free Morning Care Available 7:30–8:00am • Aftercare Available Until 6:00pm

TOGETHER, let’s raise the bar! Cathedral School advances a different approach to independent education. Rather than being a place where students go to gain advantages over others, or in some cases perpetuate privileges that already exist, families are drawn to Cathedral because they recognize its generosity of spirit, its compassion, and its commitment to the greater good. We work with each student to help him recognize his responsibilities to the broader world.” — Burns Jones, Head of School

Kate Juergens Director of Enrollment Management juergens@cathedralschool.net

José Zamora Assistant Director of Admission and Outreach zamora@cathedralschool.net Cathedral School for Boys 1275 Sacramento Street San Francisco, CA 94108 415-771-6600 | info@cathedralschool.net CATHEDRALSCHOOL.NET

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