King's Business - 1958-07

God Pre-writes the Headlines

saying, “ This man Hitler is going to conquer the whole world like a modem Napoleon.” I said, “ Friends, Hitler will not dominate the world, for the Germans will follow Russia (in the “ last days” ) according to Ezekiel 38.” Some strongly objected and said, “ If you knew anything about politics you would know the power and conquest of Europe is in this man’s hands. He has his own plan for the conquest of all the world.” But Hitler was not to domi­ nate all Europe. God knew! Ten years ago I preached that the “ giants” of the Far East would no longer be dominated in the last days by us (or even the Soviets) because in Revelation 16 it says that in that day the “ kings of the east” will stand together! Conse­ quently, it was not surprising when India was given her freedom by the great British Empire. W e have all watched Red China absolutely di­ vorce herself from the friendship of America. W e have watched the great giants of the East rise from their slumber to begin uniting in the Orient to prepare for that final union of the East spoken of in Rev­ elation 16:11. Five years ago I pointed to the Middle East as the location for the world’s final titanic struggle ac­ cording to Revelation 18, but then all attention was focused on Korea. Now, they all listen when we say, “ God still watches the nations of the world and in the final analysis He will draw all nations towards the land of Palestine.” By the way, a few months ago the top Russian said that “ the next war will be fought on the continental USA.” I doubt this very, very much. If this is the last day, the last great Armageddon will be fought in the plain of Megiddo in the land of Palestine. The Soviet Bloc I believe that the Word of God indicates that there will be three final great confederations of na­ tions. There will be a group of na-

write a definite Bible reference in­ dicating that God pre-writes the headlines of our news of the day! Tw enty-five years ago I preached with confidence that “ some day” Israel would be back in her land (Matt. 24, Psa. 13, Luke 21), and as I preached, the people said, “How could this forgotten land of Pales­ tine be occupied by Israel in our day and time?” W e have lived long enough to watch this come to pass, and it is amazing in our eyes. Israel is an astonishment to all the world! Tw enty years ago I preached that the “ earth would melt with a fervent heat.” High school, college students and professors shook their heads and said, “How could the earth melt, would the dirt bum up?” But surely now, in the white sands of our deserts and around the world, the “ fervent heat” of atomic fission and hydrogen fusion have an sw ered tha t prophecy. God taught the fisherman Peter to write like a physicist! F ifteen years ago all the world was looking toward Germany and

R ecen tly , I was the guest-speaker in a mammoth, new civic audito­ rium located in the heart of a major West coast city. I was asked to address the audience on “How the trends of our times are fulfilling God’s amazing Bible predictions.” The vast audience was indicative of the interest in pertinent, prac­ tical, prophetic truth. Enroute to my appointment, I purchased the latest and largest newspaper in that state. Using only the front page, I was able to swift­ ly underscore for the crowd 17 sep­ arate items (including the head­ line itself) under which we could About the author. Dr. Merv Rosell, at 45, has been an evangelist for 26 years. An estimated 10 million have heard him in person and he is now regularly on radio and T V . Introducing Rosell to the vast Madison Square Garden audience in New York City, Billy Graham said, "God is using scores of men, but none as He Is Merv Rosell." 2

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