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How Clinicians Report Takes Dentistry to the Next Level THE IMPORTANCE OF DUE DILIGENCE

If you’re not a dentist, you’ve probably never heard of Clinicians Report. That’s likely intentional, because dentists and researchers dedicated to helping their peers improve their craft create and publish it. Still, I think the public should know more about Clinicians Report and its work. Its organizers are some of the superheroes of dentistry, and they deserve their day in the spotlight! Even more, you deserve to know about the research they do and how using it, as we do at Stumpf Dental, can take a dentist’s efficiency and skill to the next level. Before I can dive into Clinicians Report’s research, it’s important you understand just how much dentistry relies on products. Your dentist gets to choose everything used in your mouth, like the tools to clean your teeth and the type of bonding agent that makes up your fillings, and all those products are selected from a variety of options. Just like Apple is always working hard and innovating to make the best new version of the iPhone, dentists are doing the same to make the best new crown, cheek retractor, or curette. The people who test all those new products to find out if they’re safe, effective, and better than the last edition are the Clinicians Report staff and their team of volunteer evaluators. I’ve been a proud member of the latter group for the last 10 years, but I’ve been a fan of Clinicians Report’s thorough clinical evaluations and useful reporting of results for much longer.

correctly or even if they’ll really work as advertised. Clinician’s Report takes away that guesswork because its global team of more than 200 evaluators spends years testing those products. Then the Report publishes its unbiased results for subscribing dentists to read.

Clinicians Report works really hard to ensure all of its studies are free of bias. The evaluators aren’t paid — our work is entirely volunteer-based — and have to go through Clinicians Report to contact manufacturers. So, the process is totally anonymous, and there’s no opportunity for

influence or bribery. Patients who participate in the studies, like my patients who are in the process of helping me test four different crown materials (thanks again for participating), choose to opt into the program and are paid an annual stipend for their trouble. Plus, Clinicians Report is entirely funded by subscriptions, so none of the initial cash is coming from product manufacturers, either. It’s an extremely ethical, meticulous process that I’m proud to be a part of. Thanks to Clinicians Report, dentists can do an incredible amount of due diligence on the products they choose to bring into their offices. I love to read all the reports that come out and make sure Stumpf Dental is outfitted with the best, most cutting-edge products. However, not all dentists take that same level of care. Clinicians Report isn’t required reading, and some dentists unfortunately care more about getting a high volume of patients through their doors than doing the best work possible. Here in my office, though, we’ll never treat you like a number. Next time you come in, ask me about the latest products I’ve purchased after reading Clinicians Report. I’d be happy to tell you all about them and why I think they’re the best choice for your health! -Dr. Janelle Ferber-Stumpf

When I was still in dental school, I got the opportunity to attend a lecture

with my dad held by Dr. Gordon Christensen, who co-founded Clinicians Report (then called Clinical Research Associates) in the 1970s. The information he shared about dental products, how to use them, what worked, what didn’t, and what met the manufacturers’ claims really had an impact on me. As dentists, we’re bombarded with new products all the time, but it’s difficult to know how to use them


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