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December 2017

Christmases of the Past We Focus on Family This Time of Year

I come from a large Italian family, which means that our Christmas celebrations were grand. When I was young, my family would go to my aunt’s house for Christmas Eve. There, we would have what seemed like an eight-course meal. It always started with soup, then we would have ravioli, meat, and more courses, which would go on until we were too full to talk. After dinner, my family attended midnight mass. I liked to pull my younger sister’s leg by pretending to be asleep or very tired when she was eager to open presents the next morning. She would get so exasperated with me and never understood why I wasn’t as excited as her. Truthfully, I was excited too, but I took my duty as the ornery older sibling very seriously. When I think back on childhood Christmases, my memories are filled with family, laughter, and fun. It was always a blast to celebrate with everyone in the same household, like when we went to my aunt’s house. Christmas was always a very cheerful time of the year.

spend time together for most of the day. At some point, usually in the evening, we take a family stroll by the water to walk off our large meal and give the dogs space to run. Then, we finish out the evening by playing all sorts of board games. Pictionary and Clue are our favorites, and they make an appearance every year. Last year, my son got Wendy a gift that I will never forget. We took a trip to Ireland, and explored a castle while we were there. The castle was pretty dark inside, so Wendy didn’t really want to go in. That was, until a bull started to chase her around, forcing her to run into the castle to escape. The whole ordeal was hilarious. So, for Christmas, my son bought her a beautiful framed picture of the castle with the words “Beware of Bull” printed on the image. The picture is still one of the best gifts I have ever seen in our family and Wendy loves it. Christmas is a time to spend with family, and our Christmases are filled with good times and laughter. As I get older, it becomes increasingly more fun to reminisce about past Christmases and be reminded of those joyous times. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. We will see you soon. about past Christmases and be reminded of those joyous times.” “As I get older, it becomes increasingly more fun to reminisce

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As Wendy, our kids, and I have grown older, our Christmas celebrations have continued to evolve. All our kids are adults now, which means they have their own busy lives. It really has become a juggling act to make sure we can all celebrate together. Two of our kids are married, so they have another side of the family to accommodate. So we feel lucky when we are all in the same house. Normally, our kids and their families celebrate with their in-laws on Christmas Eve, then they come to our house on Christmas morning. We make a big meal and open presents, then we


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