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Mar/Apr 2019


How a Dentist Celebrates April Fools’ Day

M any years ago, a friend of mine came into the office for a checkup. After looking into his mouth, I delivered the terrible news that he needed a root canal immediately. He was shocked, and I told him I was surprised that he wasn’t already in a lot of pain. The tooth in question was so bad that we needed to start the procedure right away. My friend raced out to his car to grab his checkbook, then hopped back in the chair. I leaned him back, but before I started the procedure, I took a moment to ask him what day it was. “It’s April 1,” he replied. Then the realization hit him and he called me something that cannot be printed here. Despite the name calling, my friend knew it was all in good fun and we both had a good laugh. I have always enjoyed April Fools’ Day. It’s an important reminder that we’re supposed to have fun in life! My wife, Melody, and I have pulled quite a few pranks over the years, most of them on our kids. Our April Fools’ traditions have involved short sheets, salt in the sugar bowl, and other classic pranks. Some years, we got pretty elaborate. Once, we switched the kids between rooms after they’d fallen asleep on March 31. They didn’t wake up when we moved them and they woke up really confused.

One of the best pranks we ever pulled was simply setting the clocks at our house an hour earlier. April 1 was a school day that year, so the kids got up, ate breakfast, and found themselves waiting at the bus stop an hour early without realizing it. Melody and I watched as they slowly started to look around, wondering where their friends were and realizing how dark it was. We didn’t leave them out there for the whole hour, just long enough for us to get a few laughs before going out and bringing them back home.

“I have always enjoyed April Fools’ Day.”

The kids have tried to get revenge on us, but they have never been successful. Melody and I are usually extra suspicious on April Fools’ Day. Though, I will admit, Melody has gotten me pretty good in the past. One year, I came into the office and found a message that I needed to call one Mrs. Lion immediately. Worried it was a patient, I quickly dialed the number. I didn’t realize what day it was until after I asked the Toledo Zoo if I could speak to a Mrs. Lion.

Even if it’s a little embarrassing, I enjoy being on the receiving end of a good prank as much as I enjoy pulling one. It’s important to have fun in life and laugh with the people you care about. There’s a lot of joy to be found in life if we remember not to take ourselves too seriously. I hope you have a good laugh on April Fools’ Day, and every other day of the year. –Dr. Stuckey

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