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A Small Business Making a Big Impact T.H.I.N.K. Coffee Giving Back 600 South German Lane, Suite 102, Conway, AR 72034 • 501-354-4577

There is a small business in Arkansas that is making a big impact. That business is T.H.I.N.K Coffee, started by Jo and John Keith. This West Coast couple moved back to Arkansas from Oregon where coffee and coffee-related products are a mainstay. Jo and John noticed that getting a good cup of coffee without getting out of your vehicle wasn’t a mainstay in Arkansas when they first moved. They were big coffee addicts, and when the small shop that they currently own went up for sale, they took the opportunity to breathe new life into it! While there are some drive-through coffee places in the area, what sets this power couple apart is the quality of their drinks and the causes they support, which is what piqued my interest to learn more about their business. Jo and John have three core values they rely on for their business: service, speed, and charity. They want to make each customer’s day and provide a pleasant experience that leaves them happier than when they first drove up to the window. They also know the customer’s time is precious, so they try their best to get every customer back on the road as quickly as possible. And while speed is important, Jo and John also ensure customers don’t have to sacrifice the quality of their coffee for the sake of time. They love what they do and they do it with purpose. Every month, they give back and raise awareness for organizations that support individuals with special needs and their families. Community is precious to them. Every organization they work with has to have its operations in Conway or Faulkner County.

While John and Jo live and breathe dark, medium, and light roasts with purpose, they make sure employees are just as driven.“The values that our employees hold have to align with the company’s. We encourage our employees to engage and learn about our monthly causes.”One Saturday a month, employees donate their tips to the organization they are supporting. The business also donates 10% of its sales from that day on top of their regular donations for the month. “It is always a pleasure when I get to interact with someone who identifies with our cause. Particularly a parent of a special needs child. As parents of a special needs child ourselves, it is encouraging when we can share struggles and successes with each other,” John says. While the employees are dedicated, the customers have also taken a special interest in the brand. Customers are loyal to their brand and the causes they support so much so that they have become friends of the owners and the employees they interact with.

can’t even believe some days. Our goal is to constantly be looking at ways to engage our community and give back generously to it. It is because of them that we are still in operation,” John noted during the conversation. This August marks T.H.I.N.K. Coffee’s one- year anniversary. They plan on having a big celebration with an emphasis on giving back. On Saturday, Aug. 24, all profits for the day and tips will go back to support Community Connections. So, whenever you’re in their area, make sure to stop by, pick up a quality cup of coffee, and congratulate them on everything they’ve done in such a short time!

-Marcus Vaden

“We would be nothing without our community. They have come alongside us in ways that I

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