LoveUrns® People 2018

Classics ™ A true Classic, made better by LoveUrns® We simply p id more attention to the fluid lines of the shape, making sure the proportions are just right, engraving is perfect and the finish top class.

Here you have a perfect Classic.

Protected with GlossCoat TM Handcrafted with Love by LoveUrns®

A210 - Adult Classic Pewter A211 - Adult Classic Gold 10.5”H 6”Dia, 200 Cu Inch, Brass K210 - Keepsake Classic Pewter K211 - Keepsake Classic Gold 3” H 1.75”Dia, 3 Cu Inch, Brass

K601 - Heart Brushed Pewter 2.75”L 3.25”W 1.5”H, 3 Cu Inch, Brass

K620 - Star Brushed Gold 3.5”W 1.25”D, 2.5 Cu Inch, Brass




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