LoveUrns® People 2018

™ Pewter View the exquisite splendor of these imperial urns. The Ornate Floral TM is engraved and embellished with gold and silver hues for that old world charm. A skilled engraver takes as many as three days to engrave one urn. The Elegant Pewter TM urn is accentuated with gold bands for a true regal tribute.

Protected with GlossCoat TM Handcrafted with Love by LoveUrns®

A250 - Adult Ornate Floral TM A251 - Adult Elegant Pewter TM 10.75”H 7.25”Dia, 245 Cu Inch, Brass

K250 - Keepsake Ornate Floral TM K251 - Keepsake Elegant Pewter TM 3”H 2”Dia, 4.25 Cu Inch, Brass H250 - Heart Ornate Floral TM K601 - Heart Brushed Pewter TM 2.75”L 3.25”W 1.5”H, 3 Cu Inch, Brass

T250 - Tealight Ornate Floral TM 5”H 3.5”Dia, 22 Cu Inch, Brass

T665 - Tealight Pewter 5”H 3.25”Dia, 18 Cu Inch, Brass & Alloy

Glass insert included Candle not included





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