LoveUrns® People 2018

This serene bird-shaped urn evokes the feeling of love. Handcrafted in solid brass, it curves softly in brushed pewter with midnight starry color, and in shimmering hammered brass with bronze tone.

Two of these urns together create the nuzzling position of LoveBirds TM .

Threaded Screw opening on Bottom.

Protected with GlossCoat TM Handcrafted with Love by LoveUrns®





A550 - Adult LoveBird TM Midnight A551 - Adult LoveBird TM Bronze 9”W 7.5”H 6”D, 100 Cu Inch, Brass K550 - Keepsake LoveBird TM Midnight K551 - Keepsake LoveBird TM Bronze 3.25”W 2.5”H 2.25”D, 3.5 Cu Inch, Brass

A560 - Adult SoulBird TM Male 11”W 9”H 7”D, 220 Cu Inch, Brass

A561 - Adult SoulBird TM Female 12”W 8”H 7”D, 220 Cu Inch, Brass

K560 - Keepsake SoulBird TM Male 3”W 2”H 2”D, 3 Cu Inch, Brass

K561 - Keepsake SoulBird TM Female 3”W 2.25”H 2”D, 3 Cu Inch, Brass



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