SRA Regional Action Plan MatchUP Final Version February 2021

Regional Action Plan the Role of Modal Interchange to Foster Low Carbon Urban Mobility

Regional Development Fund (ERDF) resources required to be invested nationally in the low carbon economy and will promote an increase in green jobs in Ireland in line with the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme. In addition, the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy 2020 (RSES) advocates the provision of a well-functioning integratedpublic transport system, enhancing competitiveness, sustaining economic

progress and enabling sustainable mobility choices for citizens. In broader terms, the RSES addresses the effective integration of transport and land use planning in the metropolitan areas, large towns and settlements, smaller towns, villages and rural areas. A more detailed description of how the above- mentioned policy instruments will be improved through the implementation of this Regional Action Plan is provided in Part 4 and Part 5.

Table 2.1: Current regional policy context

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