SRA Regional Action Plan MatchUP Final Version February 2021

Regional Action Plan the Role of Modal Interchange to Foster Low Carbon Urban Mobility Part 3: Stakeholders Involvement 3

3.1 SRA Stakeholder Engagement for MATCH-UP Project The European Commission has stated that they are “committed to listen more closely to citizens and stakeholders, as part of the Commission’s Better Regulation Agenda 12 . Opening up policy making can help the EU to become more transparent, accountable, and effective.” The original Europe 2020 Strategy Communication of the European Commission underlined the importance of a partnership approach: “This partnership approach should extend to EU committees, to national parliaments and national, local and regional authorities, to social partners and to stakeholders and civil society so that everyone is involved in delivering on the vision.” Amendments to RAP Document

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Call for Interest Stakeholder meeting - Dublin, Ireland October 2018

Stakeholders attend Site Visit & Staff Exchange to Funchal, Portugal February 2019

Stakeholders Meeting to discuss EMW, Cork Ireland March 2019

Presentation to wider Stakeholder base as part of Mix Your Mode Seminar, Cork, Ireland April 2019

Stakeholder Policies Analysis Workshop, Dublin Ireland April 2019

Stakeholders attend Site Visit & Staff Exchange to Timisoara, Romanian May 2019

Stakeholder Meeting to discuss EMW, Cork, Ireland June 2019

Stakeholders attend Site Visit & Staff Exchange to Northeim, Germany June 2019

Stakeholders attend and present at EMW Event, Cork, Ireland Sepetember 2019

Transferability Stakeholder Workshop to finalise Irish Good Practices and review Interregional Good Practices - Dublin, Ireland October 2019

Stakeholders present Irish Good Practices at Site Visit & Staff Exchange in Dublin, Waterford, Cork Ireland January 2020

Stakeholde meeting to decide on EMW mobility Cafe Waterford, Ireland March 2020

Planning Games Stakeholders workshop to decide on learning that will inspire our policy improvement Dublin, Ireland March 2020

Regional Action Plan Agreed by Stakeholders Waterford, Ireland June 2020

Stakeholders attend MATCH- UP Partner Meeting online September 2020

Figure 3.1: SRA Stakeholder Engagement for MATCH-UP project


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