SRA Regional Action Plan MatchUP Final Version February 2021

Regional Action Plan the Role of Modal Interchange to Foster Low Carbon Urban Mobility

The RSES encourages LAs to incorporate the compact “10 Minute Town” concept into LTPs for their key towns. There are 14 key towns identified in the Southern Region – Ennis, Carlow, Tralee, Wexford, Clonmel, Killarney, Mallow, Nenagh, Thurles, Newcastle West, Clonakilty, Dungarvan, Gorey, and Kilkenny. The “10 Minute Town” concept is about creating connected communities – understanding how neighbourhoods work to map out how a more compact and permeable urban form can provide high quality and safe links to public transport, shops, services, green spaces and to other neighbourhoods, reducing the need to travel and reducing carbon emissions. The policies, objectives, and measures, which emerge from the LTPs, will be incorporated into the relevant statutory land use plans pertaining to each settlement. However, while the RSES encourages Local Authorities to incorporate the compact “10 Minute Town” concept into their LTPs, it does not currently provide any implementation support or framework for LAs to undertake an assessment of each of their key towns under the “10Minute Town” concept. ThroughMATCH-UP, SRA are seeking to improve the selected policy instrument by developing a new implementation tool to assist Local Authorities to undertake a “10 Minute Town” assessment for key towns. SRAwill develop this implementation tool consisting of a framework and methodology with the assistance of a Transport Consultant. Developing this implementation tool and creating a state of the art framework andmethodology ensures consistency and that all LTPs include priorities for each settlement in terms of improvements to the pedestrian environment, cycle investment, public transport infrastructure and services, and road enhancements. This will assist the region in improving low carbon urban mobility and encourage modal shift.

Table 5.2: Policy need(s)

5.3 Regional Action 2

Regional Action 2 – Development of Framework and Methodology for implementation of “10 Minute Town” concept as part of a second policy instrument improvement – The Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES)

Relevance to the Project

SRA’s current policy instrument the RSES – RPO 176: is concerned with encouraging LAs to incorporate the “10 Minute Town” concept for their key towns into their Local Transport Plan (LTP); however, it does not provide any implementation assistance or guidance for the completion of this assessment. With the assistance of a Transport Consultants, SRA have designed a new implementation tool consisting of a framework and methodology for undertaking an assessment of a “10 Minute Town” concept that is attached in Appendix 2. This framework was originally inspired by the County of Northeim good practice Revitalization “Ilmebahn” including their comparative analysis and viability assessment framework. Their weightings put an emphasis on spatial planning – 20% weighting allocated to spatial planning including transport connectivity and 20%weighting allocated to sustainable mobility with a high emphasis on accessibility. This inspired SRA to improve the regions spatial policy instrument the RSES.

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