SRA Regional Action Plan MatchUP Final Version February 2021

Regional Action Plan the Role of Modal Interchange to Foster Low Carbon Urban Mobility

5.6 Risks and mitigating actions

Risks and Mitigating Actions

Title of risk Description of risk

Level of probability (High, Medium, Low)

Description of mitigating action(s)

LA Support risk

The LAs responsible for the 3 key towns do not use the implementation tool to assess the “10 Minute Town” concept


Agreement is in place to test this implementation tool on 3 key towns and SRA will manage this relationship toensure that they become advocates to other LAs. By securing the support of these 3 LAs this will ensure the ease of implementation across other LA’s support and influence from the director of the SRA has been secured to advocate this change. The political

Policy Owner Risk

The SRA director does not sign the order to implement the policy change


Table 5.6: Potential risks and mitigating actions

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