SRA Regional Action Plan MatchUP Final Version February 2021

Regional Action Plan the Role of Modal Interchange to Foster Low Carbon Urban Mobility

Good Practice & Interregional Site Visit & Staff Exchange

Title of Good Practice

Intelligent Crosswalks – Energetic Efficiency and Road Safety

GP owner (region)

Municipality of Funchal, Portugal

Can this GP address the policy need(s) identified in Table 4.2? If yes, how?

Yes. By reviewing this good practice, SRA got the opportunity to learn about Intelligent Crosswalks, which improve pedestrian, and cyclists safety at busy junctions near public transport interface. Improvement Policy Improvement Action 1 – Policy Need 4.2 As part of the policy improvement SRA are introducing a second stage into the implementation process creating a framework to review approved projects so that they can incorporate improvements to low carbon urban mobility and modal interchange under Priority 5 (6e) “Taking action to improve the urban environment, to revitalise cities, regenerate and decontaminate brownfield sites (including conversion areas), reduce air pollution and promote noise-reduction measures.” The Interregional Learning site visit and staff exchange to Funchal, Portugal in February 2019 provided SRA with the opportunity to see first-hand the Intelligent Crosswalk. SRA were also able see how pedestrians and cyclists interacted with this good practice and the opportunity to obtain more in-depth information and specifications from the Municipality of Funchal. Following the transferability workshop with SRA’s stakeholders in October 2019, SRA forwarded a request for additional information to theMunicipality of Funchal. In particular, seeking further information on costs for implementation and further details on the success of this good practice in Funchal, Portugal. As a result of being introduced to this goodpractice, SRAhavedecided to include Intelligent Crosswalks where possible in the recommendations at points of high footfall by pedestrians/tourists to improve pedestrian and cycle safety and within the new framework. The intelligent Crosswalk will provide a means for improving connectivity close to public transport interface.

Table 6.3: Description of Good Practice 3 used in policy improvement process

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