SRA Regional Action Plan MatchUP Final Version February 2021

Regional Action Plan the Role of Modal Interchange to Foster Low Carbon Urban Mobility

1.3 Stakeholders involved in development & implementation of policy improvement

Name of stakeholder

Clare County Council, Planning Department

Type of stakeholder

Local Authority Responsible Person: Brian McCarthy, Senior Planner


The Southern region comprises of 3 sub regions – Mid-West, South-West and South-East. County Clare is located in the Mid-West with a population of 118,817 in 2016 and is one of 9 Counties in the Southern Region located on the west coast of Ireland and the Wild Atlantic Way. It comprises several towns, the most important and largest is Ennis with a population of 25,276, which is the largest town in County Clare and is the 5th largest settlement in the Southern Region. The triangle of Limerick-Shannon-Ennis is recognised as the economic engine of the Mid-West. Ennis is in close proximity to a number of internationally recognised tourism assets, including Cliffs of Moher, the BurrenandLoopHead. It is a centre for culture,music, heritage and tourism. A review of travel, as part of the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy 5 (RSES), in Ennis shows that 73.6% of people travel by private car (higher than the region and state level), 3.2% by public transport and 15.9% walking/cycling. Clare County Council is required to develop a Local Transport Plan, including mobility management, to facilitate the delivery/ development of key town centre opportunity sites and public realm enhancement initiatives. ClareCountyCouncilwill assistSRAtoundertakeanevidence- based approach for proof of concept mapping for a “10Minute Town” concept in Ennis whereby community facilities and services are accessible in short walking/cycling timeframes from homes or are accessible by high quality public transport services by connecting people to town centres or larger scaled settlements delivering these services. This will allow SRA to create a new implementation tool resulting inan improvement to the selectedpolicy instrument, the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES). This initiative will consist of a framework and methodology to assist Local Authorities in undertaking a “10 Minute Town” assessment on their key towns incorporating low carbon urban mobility and modal interchange improvements in the selected key towns. Yes. The elected members are providing political support at a local level to Clare County Council to improve the selected policy instrument by agreeing to assist SRA to undertake a proof of concept mapping for a “10 Minute Town” concept in Ennis.

Responsibilities / role within the development and implementation of the policy improvement

Does this organisation provide political backing to the implementation of the policy improvement? If yes, how?

Table 1.3: Details of organisation 2 participating in policy improvement design and implementation


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