The tracks we have ],eft••• Each of us, in our ow'1 special way, has left a mark on the past. We have li!ff our'prints in the sands of desti :y; and in them we have discarded our hopes, our br0ken dreams and our pain of youth.

Each of our prints is unique, pearing with it a sense of insecurity, loneliness and ifear; yet, the freshness of our path holds courage, .aith and strength. We search through the ste s of our lives and our path continues. At the enct of our path awaits an unknown; it is our future. We are ~ightened to go on. What lies ahead? The tra£b behind us contain all of our beliefs and the ideas of being y:oung. The tracks we are yet to make hold darkness and light, despair and hope, failure and success; but most importantly, the prints of our future holds the _..:IfIO........ opportunity to begin a new h, on'] all our own.

248 Closing

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