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Meet our New Managers June events in Vancouver

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SLV Q1 CDP Winners

Clothing Drive CSR Initiatives

Colleague Events Forbes Contest

Gold Circle Week

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And more!

What is your hidden talent?

Your favourite holiday

Favourite Brand and why (can be of any product)

What do you love most about hospitality Café du Sole (not for the Food but for the play area for kids) Favourite restaurant in Vancouver (so far) A 3 day trek in Thailand and sleeping the jungle.

I make awesome guacamole!

Jane Iredale! It’s the best mineral makeup.

Guilty pleasure

Anything animal print.

Your first job


Everyday is always different

The Highlight of 2019

Julie Parrinder Spa Manager

Something on your bucket list you would like do

Meeting Karissa Bourgeault and working with her in the Spa!

Favourite pastime

Send my daughter to Green School in Bali.


What do you love most about hospitality It would have to be the combination of how active hospitality is and the people, both guests and colleagues What is your hidden talent I enjoy a game of chess, yet haven't played in a while.

Favourite restaurant in Vancouver (so far) I am still exploring; there are so many to try! Something on your bucket list you would like do The list is ever growing, Yet one I would like to do this year would be whale watching.

Kevin Lamb Assistant Manager, F&B

Guilty pleasure

Chili chocolate

Favourite Brand and why (can be of any product)

Your first job

Your favourite holiday

Snowboarding instructor on a dry Ski slope.

Traveling the South & East cost of Australia with my brothers.

Brooks Shoes – very good quality and great product.

Your favourite holiday

Your first job

Favourite restaurant in Vancouver

My first job was a cook and my executive chef was Gordan Ramsey. This was at the Inter- Continental, Cairo Semiramis in 1997.

Something on your bucket list you would like do I went to Montreal for vacation in spring 2016 and met my wife for the first time during my trip.

California Sushi in Burnaby.

Favourite Brand and why (can be of any product)

I would like to read 24 books in a row - one book for each month.

Toshiba Laptops. They don’t make them anymore but the one I have is still running after 10 years!

Favourite pastime

Hassan Shawer Front Office Manager

I used to live in Sharm El Sheikh which is the best destination for Snorkeling and scuba diving. I lived there for 4 years and enjoyed it very much.

What do you love most about hospitality

What is your hidden talent

Every day is quite different and always brings a new challenge.

I enjoy collecting stamps. I have over 3000 stamps from all over the world and quite a few of them are dated over 100 years old.

Guilty pleasure

The Highlight of 2019

I like salty rather than sweet so my guilty pleasure would have to be original flavour chips.

Joining the Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our SLV street clean up!

TEAM SLV 2019!

Recommendations from the 2019 Canada Food Guide: • Eat plenty of fruits & vegetables, whole grain foods and proteins. Choose proteins from plant based foods as they have more nutrients. • Choose foods with healthy fats rather than saturated fats. • Prepare meals and snacks using ingredients that have little to no added sodium, sugars, or saturated fats.

IF YOU DON’T WEAR’EM, THEN YOU OUGHT TO SHARE’ EM! We will be holding a clothing drive to collect summer items for donation so this is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and get rid of items you no longer wear! Show your support and help change someone’s life by bringing your clean clothes to Human Resources!

Pre-Washed Shirts, Shorts, Pants, Skirts, Jeans, Dresses, Suits, Ties, Sweaters, Hats, Jackets, etc. For hygienic reasons we do not accept used socks, underwear or swimsuits. ITEMS WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM JUNE 1-30, 2019. ALL ITEMS WILL BE DONATED TO COVENANT HOUSE!

AIMING FOR FIVE STAR SERVICE EVERYTIME! With our new Five Star Service Spot-check standard, you have the opportunity to offer memorable, engaging service to our guests by following the 4 key standards.

If you receive a FIVE STAR SERVICE SPOTCHECK recognition from your manager, write your name on the back and

enter it in our draw to win a monthly prize!

This contest is ON-GOING and

there will be a new winner every month!

Please submit your slip to HR for our monthly draw!

The SLV TRIPADVISOR CONTEST is still active until the end of May! Keep up the great work! We have received so many great comments from our guests about YOU!!!

Don’t forget to drop off your completed passports to HR by MAY 31 st ! Avoid the line and let us redeem them for you!

Join us to celebrate GOLDEN WEEK at SLV from May 27 th to May 31 st ! Enjoy a week of fun filled activates, prizes and an opportunity to learn more about our loyalty program and the benefits it offers our loyal guests.


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