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The Greatest American War Horse

The Legend of Sergeant Reckless

Vegas. During the bloody five-day campaign, Reckless made 51 trips to resupply guns over the course of a single day. By the end of the battle, she had carried 386 rounds of ammunition by walking 35 miles through rice paddies and mountain trails. After dropping off the ammunition, Reckless would then bring wounded soldiers back to safety. Reckless was trained to lie down when under fire and avoid barbed wire,

Animals have acted as companions to humankind for thousands of years. They’re a near-constant source of companionship, comfort, and aid. Unfortunately, military animals don’t often get the recognition they deserve. One horse, in particular, was essential to the success of her regiment during the Korean War. Meet Sergeant Reckless. Bought for $250 in 1952 by a U.S. Marine Corps lieutenant at a Seoul racetrack, Sergeant Reckless was trained to carry ammunition for the 5th Marine Regiment. Her name was a play on the “recoilless” rifle ammunition she carried and a nod to the daredevil attitude of the soldiers who used them. Reckless was pivotal for her regiment in more ways than one. As Robin Hutton notes in her book “Sgt. Reckless: America’s War Horse,” “Because horses are ‘herd’ animals, the Marines became her herd. She bonded so deeply with them that Reckless would go anywhere and do anything to help her adopted family.”

and her ability to do so without needing human command saved many lives during the battle. Reckless would close out her war career with two Purple Hearts and the rank of staff sergeant. She spent the rest of her years at Camp Pendleton in California. To learn more about this legendary mare, be sure to check out “Sgt. Reckless: America’s War Horse” by Robin Hutton.

Sergeant Reckless’ greatest achievement occurred during the final stages of the Battle for Outpost

Treatment Options for Those Without Sleep Apnea Who Snore Interrupted Sleep?

As the tryptophan from the

Snoring can be extremely frustrating to bed partners who may be kept awake by the sound. As a result, many patients find themselves banished to a separate bedroom. Others will try to treat their snoring with over-the-counter, store-bought remedies. Unfortunately, these methods frequently cause changes in the position of your bite. Ideally, patients would search for a solution with a sleep-medicine professional, such as Dr. Jessica Sabo and her team. As experts, we can fit a snoring patient with an oral appliance, which will prevent the mandible from falling back into the airway while the patient sleeps. Patients will also learn about the proper use and care of the oral appliance, as well as its potential side effects. We will work together to make sure snoring doesn’t plague you or your family any longer. You deserve a better night’s rest, and your loved ones want to sleep better, too! Come on into Dr. Jessica Sabo’s office, and together, we can find a treatment option that fits into your life. Call 951.769.1616 to schedule a consultation. (Does turkey make you sleepy? It’s actually not the tryptophan in turkey that prompts Thanksgiving naps. Instead, the carbs you eat along with the turkey do the trick. Tryptophan hitches a ride on fast-acting carbohydrates to directly increase your serotonin production, instead of having to wait to go into effect behind other vitamins. Then, serotonin, your body’s feel-good hormone, can relax your body into a restful sleep.)

turkey lulls you to sleep this Thanksgiving, you may be

jolted awake by the snores coming from your relatives. “Secondhand snoring” can be a nuisance for bed partners who need sleep and for relatives trying to enjoy some Turkey Day football.

But whether you try to ignore the log sawing or giggle about it with your cousins, mention to your annoyed or embarrassed family member that snoring is completely treatable! While snoring is often a symptom of a deeper, underlying issue, not everyone who snores has obstructive sleep apnea. The treatment options for snoring and sleep apnea are the same, but it’s not necessary for a patient to receive a prescription from a physician when they are not diagnosed with sleep apnea.



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