New Vehicle Weighing Laws - Mettler-Toledo

Purpose Statement

This guide is designed for people familiar with the weighing industry and those just beginning to learn about weights and measures (W&M). Handbook 44 defines specifications, tolerances, requirements, and test procedures that US states adopt into law. Starting in 2022, Handbook 44 regulations allow weighments from single draft weigh-in-motion (SD-WIM) vehicle scales to be used in legal-for-trade (LFT) commercial transactions. What does this mean in two sentences?

• Pre-2022: Trucks had to come to a complete stop on the scale to obtain a legal-for-trade weight. • Today: Trucks can remain in motion while driving over the scale to obtain a legal-for-trade weight.

This white paper explains the regulation changes in detail, as well as the differences between static and dynamic weighing. The aim is to help you determine if a single draft weigh-in-motion vehicle scale is a good investment for your business.

Benefit from faster processing and increased throughput at your truck scale.



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