2018-19 Sales Guide Final


1. Brand differentiation Print stands out. Because fewer brands publish print magazines than did in the past, the ones that do get noticed. An eye-catching magazine can enhance your health care provider’s community profile more than the regular health care provider newsletter and show prospective patients what’s unique about your health care provider and its stories. 2. Message longevity In the digital world, most content has a short shelf life. If your Facebook fans don’t see your posts within a day, it’s doubtful they’ll see them at all. Compare that to a print magazine, which continues to accumulate readers long after publication, and the benefit is obvious. 3. Market penetration Custom print media costs more than advertising on social media, but it offers exposure to your entire distribution list, something no digital ad platform can match. Count readers who share magazines with their families and friends and the ability of print to penetrate a market is unparalleled. 4. Audience engagement When Americans read magazines, they spend an average of 53 minutes reading each issue—much more time than they spend reading any online content. 5. Consumer influence In the healthcare space, magazines reach influential consumers more effectively than any other medium, exceeding the internet by 20 percentage points and close to doubling the reach of TV.

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