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Connecting Law Enforcement Technologies for a Safer World As senior director of government affairs at Axon, Esmael Ansari works to ensure that state and federal laws and regulations encourage the development and deployment of innovative technologies that embrace artificial intelligence, as well as advanced software and data management solutions for the law enforcement community.

“The technology that Axon develops is built to improve officer efficiency so they can spend less time doing paperwork and more time working in their communities,” Ansari said. “One pain point for officers that we have received feedback on is the time it takes to redact video evidence. In response to this, Axon developed an AI- powered tool called Redaction Assistant.” Instead of manually drawing boxes around objects frame-by-frame in a video, Redaction Assistant uses AI to detect a license plate, a face or a screen and automatically draws a box around it so the user can confirmwhether it is an object that needs to be redacted. While this tool involves face detection, not facial recognition technology, there is a lot of misinformation about this type of AI. “Regulation and policy around AI is an important issue, which is why Axon created our AI and Policing Technology Ethics Board," said Ansari. Axon, a member of CompTIA, is involved in federal and state government affairs work including committees focused on procurement, new and emerging

technology, cybersecurity, privacy and data security. The company participated in CompTIA’s Tech Demo Day on Capitol Hill and works directly with the New and Emerging Technology Committee. “CompTIA has helped Axon amplify voice in our key markets,” Ansari said. Axon’s products include the original TASER ®

“CompTIA has helped Axon amplify our voice in key markets."

Esmael Ansari, Senior Director of Government Affairs, Axon

conducted electrical weapon, a less-than- lethal option for law enforcement, as well as body-worn cameras and

the digital evidence management system Axon Evidence. “At Axon, the ultimate mission is to protect life, there is determination to make new things possible in service of that goal. It is easy to be enthusiastic about your work every day when you know what you are doing is for the betterment of humanity," said Ansari.


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