CompTIAWorld, Issue 6, Fall 2019

CompTIA Communities Cross Over at CCF Successful innovation doesn’t live in a silo; the business of technology is about a crossover of ideas.

by Michelle Lange M anaged services providers are ideally positioned to layer new technology into their recurring revenue business, while emerging tech providers are looking to the MSP model as a route to market. To find solutions, CompTIA brought in both audiences to learn from the other side’s experience. You can’t buy that kind of crossover expertise—it’s a specialty of CompTIA Communities.

executive vice president of industry relations, as she welcomed hundreds of thought leaders to the CompTIA Communities and Councils Forum, held in Chicago, March 11-13. “Thank you all for being here and contributing.” Throughout the three-day event, CCF attendees tackled the confidence gap, new business strategies and the future of the tech industry, which means addressing young people who are interested in tech. “Gen-Zers have learned a lot from their parents and the generation before,” Hammervik said. In her reading, she’s found they are more focused on skills- based jobs and want the kind of stability and security technology can offer. “They’re not looking to take on college debt; they’re looking for results.” Hammervik laid out CompTIA’s 2019 priorities and goals, so that the work done in the community meetings and workshops could all map to the same place. The CCF audience of business leaders, which

"I always talk about the energy at meetings, but this has gone past an energy. This is a vibe,” said Nancy Hammervik, CompTIA


CompTIAWorld | FALL 2019

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