CompTIAWorld, Issue 6, Fall 2019

Note from Nancy

Note From Nancy

T he tech industry often gets a bad rap. Data breaches, the digital divide, displacement of workers due to automation, privacy concerns—it fills our news feeds every single day. But technology is not an enemy. That’s not to say there aren’t important questions to ask and challenging ethical debates to have. Technology is a tool capable of rapidly changing society, which can cause anxiety among those who don’t understand it. Tech pros, companies and governments have begun to recognize and harness the awesome power of technology to solve our world’s most pressing problems. This movement, known as Tech for Good—the intentional design, development and use of technology to tackle social challenges—is the antidote to the negative stories that dominate the media and fuel uncertainty. In this sixth issue of CompTIAWorld, we put a spotlight on some of the awe-inspiring stories connected to this movement. In Tech for Good: Can Emerging Technologies Help Build a Brighter Future? (page 58), we take a look at the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how tech has rallied around this call to action—from blockchain that is promoting safer food sources to AI that is providing people with disabilities access to more job opportunities to IoT that is helping to combat climate change—and much, much more. We also look at other ways our industry is serving the greater good. We dive into companies that are providing resources to drive innovation, profile professionals who are making a difference and share stories on the efforts CompTIA and our members are making every day to advance the industry and train the workforce for 21st century jobs—jobs that have the potential to make a positive impact on people’s lives. We are also thrilled to introduce to you our 2019 Member of the Year, Angel Piñeiro (page 50), a longtime member and industry leader who embodies the concept of giving back, dedicating countless hours to creating opportunities for the next gen, particularly the at-risk and underserved, inspiring them to pursue careers in tech. We don’t shy away from the ethical debate either. In The Ethics of AI (page 24), you’ll learn how the industry is anticipating and managing the possible consequences of this emerging technology. It’s a critical conversation to have in order to maximize the benefits of AI as we learn how to balance ethical considerations with the technology’s potential. We are only beginning to scratch the surface with how tech and tech professionals can and will change the world for the better—and what a surface it is! CompTIA is committed to continuing to highlight how the industry is embracing the Tech for Good movement. We hope you enjoy this special issue and please email us with your Tech for Good stories at

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