CompTIAWorld, Issue 6, Fall 2019

Last Word

Tech for Good, for All CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux envisions a future in which technology enhances the lives of all people—but it’s only possible with a robust tech workforce.

by Todd Thibodeaux

O ne of the best things about working in the tech industry is how pervasive tech has b ecome, whether it's in front of the camera, so to speak, or behind the scenes. Whether you're working in a cloud facility in the middle of New York, building out a 5G network in Iowa or providing tech support to users for a large hospital group in southern California, tech is e verywhere. And if you think tech is a big part of our lives already… you ain't seen nothing yet. Think of a future where the lives of every member of a community, both rural and urban, are enhanced by smart technologies controlling and managing the power and water grids, traffic flows, public safety, entertainment and health systems. Or a world where renewable energy production happens on every rooftop or road surface, piping energy into a smart power grid, supplying our daily needs and charging batteries for our nights. The day isn't far off for homebound elderly and people with disabilities to have the same freedom of movement we all enjoy via safe and efficient autonomous vehicles. Those same individuals and more will be served by functional home robots capable of cooking meals, keeping the house clean, providing healthcare services and companionship. And the promise of the 70's TV show "The Six Million Dollar Man" is rapidly moving from fantasy to reality to help all people of all abilities achieve their goals through technological enhancements. Crunch the numbers and big data becomes better weather forecasts, medical breakthroughs, more efficient public safety and smarter education systems. Combine analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence

Todd Thibodeaux, CEO, CompTIA


CompTIAWorld | FALL 2019

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