The Berlin Pulse 2018/19


47% 46%

believe the cohesion between EU member states has weakened 77% describe US -German relationstoday as somewhatbad or very bad 73%



Was EU enlargement in 2004 the right decision? Germans are divided

believe the UK should be treated like any non- EU member state 65%

are in favour of Germany increasing its defence spending 43%

say Germany should coordinate its refugee policy together with its European partners 78% 78% 74% German Foreign Policy in Perspective With Contributions by Kersti Kaljulaid, Filippo Grandi, Mateusz Morawiecki, Heiko Maas and others are in favour of sanctions for EU member states that violate fundamental EU valuessuch as the rule of law

agree that Germany and the EU are raising tariffs against the US

Involvement or Restraint? A representative survey on German attitudes to foreign policy commissioned by K├Ârber Foundation

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