Heatwave begins to weigh down on water use GREGGCHAMBERLAIN downpour of rain to help eliminate the problem. posed in some streams, creating potential boating hazards. per cent. This can be done by avoiding non- essential water use like watering lawns and washing cars.

“I’m being told the only way this fire is going to be put out completely is if Mother Nature gives us a hand,” stated Marc Messi- er, Ottawa Fire Services spokesman. “Other- wise it’s going to be just continuously do- ing what we’re doing and keeping the fire contained and staying on top of these hot areas.” Smokers are warned to be careful about tossing cigarette or cigar butts or smoulder- ing matches as they could still ignite grass fires given the past dry weather conditions. Ottawa Fire Services also urges backyard chefs to take extra precaution when fir- ing up a barbecue. Keep water buckets or a hose near to hand for a charcoal fire, and a working fire extinguisher for dealing with a gas barbecue. Do not light the barbecue within three metres of a building, wooden deck or any other flammable object such as overhanging tree limbs, and do not leave a barbecue or charcoal grill unattended, es- pecially if there is any kind of breeze blow- ing. The City of Clarence-Rockland has or- dered a Burn Ban for all communities within its borders as of the July 14 weekend. In the Larose Community Forest, which the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) main- tains, the woods are also suffering from the dry conditions. The UCPR has a year-round restriction on open fires in the Larose For- est with campfires only allowed under strict permit conditions. Phone 613-487-4103 to confirm any plans for complete fire bans if current weather conditions persist. Both the South Nation Conservation Au- thority (SNC) and Rideau Vallen Conserva- tion Authority (RVC) declared Level 2 Low Water Advisory notices. This means“a minor water supply problem” exists. Reports have come in to the SNC office of dry wells on some properties within the South Nation River watershed region. Also the lower water levels have left rocks ex-

The Level Two rating comes with a re- quest for all residents and businesses to reduce water consumption by at least 20

Residents need to practise water conser- vation in other ways like limiting watering gardens to the evening hours to avoid rapid evaporation of the water. Alfred-Plantagenet Township has had its standard summer sprinkling restrictions in effect now for all households which are on the municipal water system. Lawn and gar- den watering is allowed between 7 and 10 p.m. on odd-numbered calendar days for homes and businesses with odd-numbered street addresses and on even-numbered days for those with even-numbered street addresses. In The Nation municipality there is now a notice to residents in the village of Limoges and in the Forest Park and Le Baron neigh- bourhoods, and the Ben Tardiff Mobile Home Park to refrain from washing cars, trucks and other vehicles and to limit or avoid lawn-watering using the municipal water supply system.

Eastern Ontario | The sunshine and extra- warm temperatures may be good for the beach volleyball crowd but it is starting to prove unbearable for those concerned about both local water supplies and the health of some individuals. The Monday night rain that drenched the area may provide some temporary relief to the heat and help fire fighters over in West Ottawa but it does not cancel out any of the burn bans now in effect in Eastern Ontario communities. About 25 millimetres, equal to one inch, of rain fell overnight between July 16 and 17, but the high humidity still poses a risk of thunderstorms sometime this week. Elimination of the current drought conditions will require a prolonged period of rain. With the hope that the date does not prove ominous Russell Township imposed an open fire ban in the community on Fri- day, July 13, because of the prolonged hot dry weather. The ban will remain in effect until further notice with updates available online at or by phone to 613-443-3066. Ottawa Fire Services has also imposed a Burn Ban on any open-air fires like camp fires, chimney fire setups for barbecues where sparks or burning embers may fly out and light elsewhere. The past weekend saw many of the City of Ottawa’s fire sta- tions sending crews out to the west side of the city to contain a hundred-acre brush fire in the Moodie Drive and Old Richmond Road area. The main problem is that part of the fire now lies smouldering underneath the sur- face of the ground, creating hot spots that can flare up again given the extreme dry conditions. Fire crews are hoping the heat- wave will break long enough to see a good


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