King's Business - 1936-05

The Jews Are Going Home “I will whistle for you.” So says God to Israel, in Isaiah 5 :26 (literal Hebrew). And the whistling has begun. It is no exaggeration to estimate the number of Jews in the Holy Land today at 400,000. F ROM Poland they come; from Ger-. many,, Austria, Roumania, America. They seek a placé of' refuge from an ism ?;:Shall we say, with specious philos­ ophy, “It is ’all as God foretold, and so we shall do nothing about it ?” So indeed might Pharaoh have said; but he foS d to the tragic record of two millenniums of dispersion and world agony teach a differ­ ent moral.

ever rising tidç of Jew-hate th ||| world over, and they think they will find it in the’ land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They know not that they are soon,to face in Jeru­ salem the greatest outburst of Jew-hate the world has ever known, such a time of trouble as has aièyer been, nor w e i will; be again, a time which a merciful God has' promised will be shortened, “for the-elect’s’ sake”—the, time of Jacob’s trouble,; which will find its blessed culmination in the sud­ den,.’appearance of the Lord Jesull Christ on that hill so full of poignant Bible history, the Mount of Olives.’There it will be that Israel shalLacclaim with penitence and joy Him against Whom they ignorant­ ly shouted 2,000 years ago, “We will not have this man to rule over us !”- And what must the Church do ? “Com­ fort ye, comfort yef my people,’fits Hisl command , for this hour of prophetic awakening; And again, “Take , no rest and give Him no rest, until He shall establish Jerusalem a pratse:Jn the earth” (Isa. 62:7). God’s interests are , centered in Israel. Where are yoursfSShall she not,-.while it: is, impregnate and saturate Israel with the message; of salvation, before the night of darkness come upon us? Is this a time to talk of. “social justice,” and of a “reconstructed social order,”-when God is speaking through thunder and earthquake and pestilence, that the clock of Israel’s destiny is about to;strike ? ■ Shall We be guilty of an abandoned fatal-

, Will God’s statesmen awake? Or, shall it beisaid of the Church in that great day o f reckoning, “Alas/she knew not the day of her 'visitation!” God grant the awaken­ ing may come before it is too late!.. £i2£he. American Board of Missions to the Jews provides an efficient channel through which the Gospel message may be heralded to Israel of the world dispersion. We are in Jerusalem; we are in Poland, in Latvia. And we. have been forwarding financial sustenance to Jewish Christian brethren in hate-ridden Germany and in blasphemous Russia. All these world undertakings in addition to a nation-wide and well inte­ grated system of Gospel preaching here in America. We do not believe the true child of God 066 #$' to be asked to fellowship in prayer and gift in so important a ^sector of His work and program. On the contrary, we are convinced that ignorance, of God’s pur­ poses for Israel is the only reason why any child of God does not help Jewish Mission work. Sooner than we think, we .shall be ..caught up to be with Him in the air ; and together with the mystical 144,000 of the twelve tribes of Israel, we shall Join in that beautiful celestial chorus, thè song of Moses and of the Lamb. And our fellow singers in. that heavenly choir will be Jews ! And our blessed Lord will look to us with eyes ■ so pitiful, Jewish eyes, and ask, “What did you do for my brethren?” Then think of your joy, when you will be able to say, “Yes,, thank God, when I was down on the earth, I did love them, I did pray for them, and I did help with my money to tell them of their Messiah !” Use the coupon if the Lord so leads you. You will receive “The Chosen Peo­ ple” regularly each month, and thus be kept in touch with the work all the year round. May God reveal to you His will concerning the seed of Abraham, the scattered sheep of the House of Israel. AMERICAN BOARD OF MISSIONS TO THE JEW S, INC. 31 THROOP AVE., BROOKLYN, N. Y.

The Jews Wailing Place, on Friday his everlasting spfrow, that God had to be reckoned with. So’ might the .Jew have said, when rejecting Christ 2,000 years ago, “It is all prophesied, I can’t help it!” But

American Board of Missions to the Jews, Inc. 31 Throop Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Brethren in Christ : God bless you, and we pray for your testimony. Here is $.................. Use it for His glory among His people. Faithfully yours in Him,


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