Parenting Styles


Unfortunately, the reality is that many teens at this point in their lives are still uninformed about how powerful a drug alcohol can be. Kids do care about their parents’ opinions. Talking to your child about alcohol is an important step you can take to prevent underage drinking and alcohol abuse. What is your parenting style and how does it affect your communication with your child? Be careful to avoid extremes and seek a positive balance. Two Parents Two Styles Sometimes parents have different styles. For example, a father might be authori- tarian while the mother is overprotective. This can create even more confusion for the child as he or she attempts to meet the expectations of both parents. Family Rules It is important to have clear family rules about what to do if your teen is at someone’s home and alcohol becomes present, whether or not an adult is supervising. Results from many studies indicate kids drink more often and heavier when alcohol is made available to them. The best practice is to have your son or daughter understand they should leave or call/text a trusted adult for a ride if this happens.

10 Seeking a Positive Balance

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