Parenting Styles

WHAT STYLE PARENT ARE YOU? Parents rely on certain strategies for raising children. Do any of the parenting styles below seem familiar to you?

Author i tar i an



Compared with all young people who drink illegally, children of authoritarian style parents tend to consume the most dangerously high levels of alcohol.

Parent gives orders; “my way or the highway.”

Overprotect i ve



Children of overprotective parents may not be as likely to drink illegally than kids of authoritarian or permissive, but are more likely to consume

Parent stays in control; parent rushes in & kids do not face consequences of actions .

alcohol than children of positive style parents.

Permi ss i ve



When they drink illegally, kids of permissive style parents tend to have significantly higher than average blood alcohol levels compared to other underage drinkers.

Parent gives in; “kids will be kids.”

Pos i t i ve/Author i tat i ve



Use their authority to strengthen and protect (not control) the child. Build trust and teach decision making skills.

When a child of positive style parents does drink

illegally, they tend to consume significantly less alcohol than a child of other parenting styles.

Please note, the intent of this guide is not to judge any person for their parenting style. It is only to present, in a summary form, what relevant research says about specific parenting styles and how that relates to kids’ decisions to drink.

5 Parenting Styles

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