Parenting Styles

OVERPROTECTIVE Overprotective parents attempt to shield their kids from the harsh realities of life. Like authoritarian parents, they exert a lot of control, but their method is different. Instead of using rules and threats, overprotective parents present themselves as allies.They see the world as a threat and express their fearfulness. They try to rescue their son or daughter from dealing with any harsh reality. Children from over protective homes tend to lack experience and may panic in stressful situations. RESEARCH SHOWS: Teens of overprotective parents may not be as likely to drink illegally than teens of authoritarian or permissive, but are more likely to consume more alcohol than teens of positive style parents.


Don’t question every parenting action: “Am I being too permissive? Am I being authoritarian?” Too much questioning can paralyze you as a parent. Instead, be careful to avoid extremes and seek a positive balance.

Q & A

Do different parenting styles work better for different kids? Research shows that positive parenting is the only parenting style that’s consistently linked with kids who make better decisions when no parents are around.

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