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Professional Learning for Life Science Educators

Dr. Lamb’s blo

For High School Educators

GTAC Advanced Concepts

Genetic Technologies for All Classrooms (GTAC) is an intensive professional learning experience offered at HudsonAlpha

Institute for Biotechnology that prepares science educators to address high school-level genetics, genomics and biotech content. To learn more about the various GTAC offerings, visit www.hudsonalpha.org/gtac .

GTAC Essential Biology

For Middle School Educators

LifeScience Links is a summer professional learning experience that provides seventh-grade life science teachers updated content knowledge, engaging strategies and authentic lab experienc- es. Educators leave the workshop equipped to link Course of Study Standards to real-world biotech


: Beyond the Blog

applications and careers. Learn more at www.hudsonalpha.org/lifesciencelinks .

Dr. Neil Lamb presents Beyond the Blog , a companion to Shareable Science, to help make sense of the science related to the coronavirus COVID-19. This ongoing video series offers easy-to-understand explanations of the science behind the disease, how it spreads, and what scientists are doing to help diagnose and treat the disease. Also check page 18 to learn more about COVID.

HudsonAlpha realizes that COVID-19 has shifted the landscape and changed the way teachers interact with their students. HudsonAlpha Beacon is a tool to help educators find life science content from a distance. These virtual opportunities provide teachers with a variety of genetics and biotechnology content, along with technology integration and best practices for virtual delivery. Experiences include unique webinars along with multi-day online sessions that combine synchronous and asynchronous learning.

View now at www.hudsonalpha.org/beyond-the-blog





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