Albrecht Law - October 2019


October 2019

Stronger Than Ever Learning From Failure and Preventing Disaster

This summer, our IT and security systems were revamped to feature the same level of protection banks and financial institutions use. The company we employed to install this programming questioned our need for this level of care, warning us that it may be overkill. But prior to this update, our phone systems and network had a sudden failure, causing our entire operation to go down for a whole day and phone calls to go unreturned. Tome, this is never acceptable, and we should care just as much about our system’s reliability and security as a bank does. Law offices thrive on information. Details from depositions, videos of evidence, police logs, and reports fromwitnesses and our clients are vital to ensuring clients get the justice they deserve. When that information is compromised and our day-to-day function is limited, that’s when something needs to change. Thankfully, we just had to revamp our network, and the systems we have had in place for years mean we don’t have to worry about losing clients’information. My wife has a phrase that I find applicable inmy practice. She always says to her employees,“If you can lean, you can clean.”At Albrecht Law, our “cleaning”is working diligently behind the scenes to ensure all our data and information is backed up. I liken our dedication in preparing our legal

office to a mechanic who cleans his tools during a slow period in his shop. He scrubs away grease, repairs tools that are damaged, and prepares his space for the next vehicle. This way, he can swiftly get his exasperated customers out of his shop and driving safely again. In a law practice, you deserve this same level of dedication to preparation. In the old days of law, a paralegal or legal assistant would create binders upon binders full of information on different pieces of each case. Today, we’re lucky enough to have all this information copied and digitized, making searching and navigating cases easier than ever. We diligently organize and categorize every case both digitally and in print, so we can easily access data we have compiled. In addition, we create digital and print versions of every piece of evidence or document we bring to court. This way, if we have a PowerPoint presentation, we canmake sure we have the slides printed off for each jury member, just in case the projector isn’t working. This system also helps us prepare for the courtroomor mediation. If we are working on a case that involves a department store’s video evidence, I can look back on older cases to get an understanding of what to expect in our current one. I can look up focus-group results that we have already compiled, and I can create a whole strategy for the case based on the documents we

have properly organized and categorized. On the front end, clients see fast results, but they don’t see what goes on behind the scenes to ensure documents are compiled within a matter of days. So, yes. We do need this heavily guarded system. We need backups to keep us online. We need our back-end system to not fail us. We were told the original system could have failed due to a glitch, but it was relatively unexplainable. Who knows if it would have happened again? And I didn’t want to take that chance. It was a failure in our system, but rather than just accept it, I knew there was a way we could grow from it. Many of our clients face these lessons on a daily basis. They are hurt or wronged by negligent parties and insurance companies, and we help them find a positive way tomove forward. I challenge anyone out there struggling with a failure to do the same. It’s not always easy, but using failures to find areas to improve will leave you stronger than ever.

“Matt is a true man of letters and civil rights warrior. He was absolutely tenacious in his defense of his client’s rights and the constitution before theWashington Supreme Court. He literally wrote the book onWashington insurance law. He is also a tremendous resource to our profession, and the bar, as evidenced by his willingness to teach and provide assistance to others.” -Thomas J. This Month’s Happiest Client! | 1

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