Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


SA LV I A Sa l v i a s p l endens Sizzler ™

Designed with the grower in mind. • Compact, early flowering, and uniform across the colors, with short, strong flower spikes for a longer shelf life. • Perfect for high-density pot and pack production, but with sufficient vigor to fill garden beds.

DIMENSIONS 8–10” W x 8–10” H HABIT Upright FORMS Raw

Sizzler ™ Purple

Sizzler ™ Burgundy 70002943

Sizzler ™ Burgundy Halo 70034418

Sizzler ™ Lavender 70092185

Sizzler ™ Purple 70002933

Sizzler ™ Red 70092186

Sizzler ™ Salmon 70002942

Sizzler ™ White 70002944

Sizzler ™ Mix 70001247

S E E D | A N N U A L S


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