Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


SNAPDR AGON F1 An t i r rh i num ma j us Liberty ™ Classic Timeless classic. • Upright, intermediate height plants with shapely, central flower spikes that have timeless consumer appeal. • Provide a classic snapdragon look with strong, sturdy stems that stand up tall at retail and in landscape beds. • Ideal for 1 qt. pots or larger, but can also be grown in packs with PGRs for mass bedding use.

DIMENSIONS 12–14” W x 18–22” H HABIT Upright FORMS Raw

Liberty ™ Classic Mix 70017986

Liberty Classic ™ Mix

Liberty ™ Classic Bronze 70006428

Liberty ™ Classic Crimson 70017981

Liberty ™ Classic Lavender 70017916

Liberty ™ Classic Rose Pink 70017918

Liberty ™ Classic White 70017983

Liberty ™ Classic Yellow 70024501

SNAPDR AGON F1 An t i r rh i num ma j us Madame Butterfly ™

Graceful beauty. • A unique range of tall, double-azalea flower snapdragons that create extra full and graceful flower spikes. • Striking at the back of borders and when cut and used for indoor floral arrangements.

DIMENSIONS 14–16” W x 24–30” H | HABIT Upright | FORMS Raw

Madame Butterfly ™ Bronze 70051944

Madame Butterfly ™ Pink 70041199

Madame Butterfly ™ Bronze White 70041196

Madame Butterfly ™ Red 70041200

Madame Butterfly ™ Cherry Bronze 70041197

Madame Butterfly ™ Rose 70041201

Madame Butterfly ™ Ivory 70041198

Madame Butterfly ™ Yellow 70051896

Madame Butterfly ™ Mix 70017984

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