Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


SNAPDR AGON DWARF F1 An t i r rh i num ma j us Snaptini ™ Controlled and consistent across all seasons. • Highly programmable with reduced photoperiod sensitivity offers consistent crop timing across all seasons. • Bred for high-density production in packs and small pots with a reliable, tight flowering window for bench run finish. • Strong central leader combined with sturdy branching creates an easy to ship plant and provides a classic look at retail.

DIMENSIONS 6–8” W x 6–8” H HABIT Mounded FORMS Raw, Pelleted

Snaptini ™ Mix 70074492

Snaptini ™ Burgundy Bicolor 70048634

Snaptini ™ Peach 70048628

Snaptini ™ Red 70048632

Snaptini ™ Rose Bicolor 70075985

Snaptini ™ Scarlet 70048631

Snaptini ™ Sunglow 70048629

Snaptini ™ Violet 70048638

Snaptini ™ White 70075984

Snaptini ™ Yellow 70048627

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