Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


V I NCA F1 Ca t ha ran t hus ro s eus Cora ® Cascade

There’s none other like it. • The only trailing vinca powered by high levels of resistance to multiple strains of aerial Phytophthora . • The mounded, spreading habit is ideal for summer baskets, mixed containers, and large landscape beds. • F1 hybrid uniformity and vigor build a premium package not found in other trailing vinca. • Large, high-quality flowers completely cover plants creating blankets of color lasting all season long.

DIMENSIONS 32–36” W x 6–8” H | HABIT Spreading | FORMS Raw

Cora ® Cascade Bright Rose

Cora ® Cascade Apricot 70038520

Cora ® Cascade Bright Rose 70071707

Cora ® Cascade Cherry Imp. 70038519

Cora ® Cascade Lavender with Eye 70064221

Cora ® Cascade Lilac 70018417

Cora ® Cascade Polka Dot 70018420

Cora ® Cascade Shell Pink 70052738

Cora ® Cascade Strawberry 70038521

Cora ® Cascade Violet 70051971

Cora ® Cascade White 70064219

Cora ® Cascade Mix 70018422

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