Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


Deltini ™ Rose Pink

V I OL A F1 V i o l a co rnu t a Deltini ™

Covered with color when you need it most! • Offers reliable and programmable production in packs and small pots with near-day-neutral flowering. • Ideal for winter flowering in the south and west and early spring in the north. • Efficient to produce with reliably fast crop times and a 4–day bloom window between colors, even under short-day conditions. • Mutliflora type: Plants are covered with masses of flowers, slightly smaller in size than Penny ™ .

DIMENSIONS 4–6” W x 3–5” H

HABIT Mounded

FORMS Raw, PreNova ® 2.0

S E E D | A N N U A L S


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