Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


V I OL A F1 V i o l a co rnu t a Endurio ®

Winter Survivor—frost and snow tolerant spreading Viola. • Strong roots that can handle the cold make Endurio exceptional for overwintering. • Combines efficient production and outstanding shelf-life with a unique, tightly mounded habit that quickly fills and spills in containers. • Near-day-neutral flowering provides reliable color for early spring and fall production.

DIMENSIONS 8–12” W x 4–6” H HABIT Spreading FORMS Raw, PreNova ® 2.0

Endurio ® Blue Yellow with Purple Wing 70000467

Endurio ® Lavender 70003001

Endurio ® Blue Yellow with Purple Wing

Endurio ® Pink Shades 70021212

Endurio ® Pure Violet 70000479

Endurio ® Red Flare 70058789

Endurio ® Red with Yellow Face 70000478

Endurio ® Sky Blue Martien 70007721

Endurio ® White 70046138

Endurio ® Yellow 70058786

Endurio ® Yellow with Purple Wing 70021214

Endurio ® Yellow with Red Wing 70000471

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