Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


ARGYR ANTHEMUM A rgy ran t hemum f ru t e s cens Sassy ®

Easy, early, and bright cheery blooms all spring long. • Bright, cheery daisy-like blooms are a consumer favorite and perfect for early season sales. • Controlled upright habits are ideal for small and large pots alike.

DIMENSIONS 12–14” W x 10–14” H | HABIT Upright | FORMS URC, AutoStix ®

Sassy ® Double Yellow

Sassy ® Double Deep Rose 70036131

Sassy ® Double Yellow 70051319

Sassy ® Red 70006552

Sassy ® Rose 70003326

Sassy ® White 70066240

BACOPA Su t e ra co rda t a Calypso ™

The biggest blooms all season long. • Exceptionally large blooms from early spring to summer set Calypso apart from the crowd. • Calypso’s right-sized vigor makes it ideal for a range of container sizes small to large. • Excels in the garden when temperatures are cool and continues to hold up into the heat of summer.

DIMENSIONS 14–16” W x 4–6” H | HABIT Trailing | FORMS URC, Pre-Pinched, AutoStix ®

Calypso ™ Jumbo Lilac

Calypso ™ Jumbo Deep Lavender 70060753

Calypso ™ Jumbo Lilac 70071572

Calypso ™ Jumbo Pink Eye 70060755

Calypso ™ Jumbo Rose 70071583

Calypso ™ Jumbo White 70060751

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