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Caldera ™ Pink 70065942

Caldera ™ Salmon

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GER AN I UM I NTERSPEC I F I C Pe l a rgon i um i n t e r s pec i f i c Caldera ™

An eruption of color that beats the heat. • Flower intensity and exceptional heat tolerance like Caliente ® geraniums, but with a spreading habit. • Caldera stands out all summer long with a striking combination of dark foliage paired with vibrant blooms. • A spreading habit makes Caldera ™ a perfect choice for bold in-ground plantings, baskets, and heat tolerant mixed containers.

DIMENSIONS 20–24” W x 10–14” H | HABIT Spreading | FORMS URC, CC, AutoStix ®

Caldera ™ Salmon 70065939

Behind the Breeding

While selecting Pelargoniums in the field, I am always impressed by the heat performance and flower power of interspecific Pelargoniums. Being from Europe myself, I am used to seeing traditional trailing Pelargoniums being planted everywhere. Caldera ™ is the product of an idea to make available the traditional feel of a cascade Pelargonium for the heat. Caldera ™ is a true interspecific

semi-trailing Pelargonium, which combines the heat performance of Caliente ™ with the traditional feel of an ivy- leaf cascading trailing Pelargonium. The uniquely strong steel blue-green foliage provides a contrasting backdrop to rich colored self-cleaning umbels. I am delighted to see that this idea worked out.

Ronald Snijder ____ CO-LEAD BREEDING Andijk, the Netherlands

” Caldera is a true interspecific semi-trailing Pelargonium...

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